Sunday, February 12, 2012

Philip's winning streak

Good news and bad news on Philip's winning streak:

Good news - last weekend, Philip earned another Triple-Q and another Double-Q, bringing him to 6 QQs in a row (3 perfect weekends!), he was definitely on a roll. I gave him some delicious duck as a reward, and basked in the glory of my new-found awesome Agility dog!

Bad news - we went to another trial this weekend, and Philip decided that enough is enough, my crazy child was back in town! He did good in Jumpers both days, but failed absolutely miserably in Standard both days.

To demonstrate, a quick recap of today's Standard run - he started off by ignoring my plea for a two-on-two-off on the Dog Walk, though he did get the contact, so no faults called here. However (and I saw this coming, nothing I could do without the 2o2o), from there he ran full speed to the tunnel ahead, on the wrong side of it of course (that's W #1). Then, I did a blind cross out of the tunnel (who knows why, I think I was just out of it), so he stayed on the wrong side of me, running totally past the next jump (that's an R). He then back-jumped said jump before re-taking it (that's W #2). Immediately after retaking that jump, he took off away from me to the Teeter (W #3). I got him back on course yet again, we ran a coupe more obstacles, and again he ran off to a jump away from me (W #4). The rest of the run went smoothly, but my goodness, he really just went all out!

So he broke his winning streak, but I can't be mad at him seeing as he did 3 awesome weekends leading up to that!

Oh, he did get one more qualifying leg in Time2Beat though, so that was nice. We now have 48 points out of the needed 100.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun Commercials

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, but I most definitely like the commercials a lot better! As a matter of fact, I don't watch the game, I simply watch the commercials online after the fact :)

Here are some of my favorite doggie themed ones. Enjoy!

Monday, January 30, 2012


Sorry I've been terrible at posting anything lately - I've just had other things going on, and haven't had the time to devote to this blog.

However, I have some very exciting news that I just have to share :)

We had our first AKC trial of the year 2 weekend ago, and Philip started it off with a bang! He had his very first perfect weekend, which means that he qualified in every run we had (4 total), so he got 2 QQs in one weekend!!! I was so proud of him, but that is not all. Our second trial was just this last weekend, and we had entered 6 runs (the regular 4, plus T2B on both days), and Philip went 5 for 6! The only run he missed was the T2B on Sunday, but we still went home with 2 QQs (actually, one was a QQQ!) and a first place in T2B on Saturday with 10 points. My little man is on a roll!!!

So that's our exciting news, here's hoping that he continues this streak for a bit, it's such a great little pick-me-up while I deal with other not-so-fun parts of everyday life :)