Friday, March 18, 2011

Watch Philip run!

Yay, I was finally able to upload a video of Philip's run :) This is from last weekend when Philip earned his third and last Q in Excellent A Standard. Excuse my terrible screams, I had to do it to get Philip's attention :)

Here are a couple of things to notice...
We started off to a good start, you can see that Philip has a nice lead out. Before the Dog Walk, he either thought we were done, or saw something interesting in the corner, but I quickly got him back on track. Then it all goes down hill from there. At the end of the Dog Walk, I tell him to "pause" which is his two-on-two-off command, and you can see that he clearly ignores it and takes off for the Chute. It's the correct course, but now I'm way behind him, so as a last resort I screamed for him to "Go Weave!" and amazingly enough he listened (he doesn't normally do the weaves well unless I'm right next to him, plus there was that tunnel he could have taken instead). Continuing, Philip tries to sniff under the Table, and then ignores the two-on-two-off again from the A-Frame, dashing for the Teeter. I'm seriously amazed that I managed to get him to turn back to me, his paws were almost on the Teeter! Definitely lots of close calls there, but qualifying the run was certainly a nice surprise, and just what we needed :)

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