Monday, January 30, 2012


Sorry I've been terrible at posting anything lately - I've just had other things going on, and haven't had the time to devote to this blog.

However, I have some very exciting news that I just have to share :)

We had our first AKC trial of the year 2 weekend ago, and Philip started it off with a bang! He had his very first perfect weekend, which means that he qualified in every run we had (4 total), so he got 2 QQs in one weekend!!! I was so proud of him, but that is not all. Our second trial was just this last weekend, and we had entered 6 runs (the regular 4, plus T2B on both days), and Philip went 5 for 6! The only run he missed was the T2B on Sunday, but we still went home with 2 QQs (actually, one was a QQQ!) and a first place in T2B on Saturday with 10 points. My little man is on a roll!!!

So that's our exciting news, here's hoping that he continues this streak for a bit, it's such a great little pick-me-up while I deal with other not-so-fun parts of everyday life :)

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