Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

What's a better way to kick off a blog than with a bunch of pictures? A bunch of Philip's Birthday pictures of course!
Today my little guy turned a whopping 2 years old!

He started off his day by receiving a yummy bone to chew on.

"Mmmmm, tasty!"

I left him with it while I went to work, and came back to only find a little stub left... "Bone? What bone?"

We then went to a local pet store for some more presents and came back home with a delicious cupcake,

which was promptly scarfed down.

"I think you only gave me crumbs..."

Philip also got a brand new lobster to play with,

and an antler to chew on.

All in all, I think the celebration was a success - the Birthday boy is nicely tuckered out from his long day now. Here's to many more wonderful years together!


  1. Wow, a bone and an antler chew! That's one pampered pup! I love the pics, thanks for sharing them! :)

  2. He's not totally sure about the antler still, this is the first one I've ever bought him - thought I'd give it a shot after reading all the happy Corgi owner stories. He's only given it a few licks and chews so far, so we'll see how it goes :)