Sunday, March 14, 2010

March AKC Trial 1

Whew, we just got done with a long weekend of Agility! Talk about a slow day at the trial - Novice dogs were supposed to be on around 2pm both days, instead we started past 4pm, and been coming home around 6pm. Wow, I'm sure glad that's over with! Now on to the recap of the weekend, sorry - no funny stories this time.

Saturday's first run was JWW, and Philip took off running super fast. I could hardly keep up, even our instructor commented on how fast he was after we finished. Unfortunately though, he knocked a bar with all that momentum, so NQ for us. The second run was STD and a pretty nice straight forward course. Philip didn't pretend to be a lightning in this one and had a very nice clean run, taking a Q and first place!

I had hoped Sunday would move along a bit faster, but we actually ended up starting our runs even later. I was worn out by then, and some dog stole Philip's treats while I wasn't looking :( Nevertheless, we took on the JWW course. Not such a good run - Philip took a wrong jump before the weaves and knocked a bar on another jump. He wasn't paying much attention to me in general, and I didn't even have treats to encourage him afterwards - poor guy. I tried to pick up the mood for the Standard run, and after strolling slowly at first, and hesitating before the table, Philip picked up a bit of speed and finished nicely. Clean run and first place - another Q in standard! I improvised and rewarded him with an empty water bottle for a toy - he was in bliss!

All in all, we got 2 Qs in Standard this weekend, so we only have one more to go before moving on to Open in that. I hope that'll happen at the next trial, I'm pretty excited! Still 2 more left in JWW, but we are working on it - gotta pick those short little legs up :) I never thought he's be doing better in standard than in jumpers!

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