Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's sad sad news, but with the economy crisis over the last year or so, it's with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I can no longer afford taking Philip to Agility :( All the class and trial fees add up and it's money I could be spending on rent, which is really becoming tough right now. I was really hoping my funds would pick up when I started my new job recently, but unfortunately, it isn't so - I find myself spending more than what I'm earning, so certain things must go before I end up on the street. It's unfortunate that this blog, and of course Philip's agility involvement, is so young and so full of potential. I do hope to be able to return to the sport soon and that my few readers will come back to this blog when I do. We'll still be attending the trial this weekend, who knows - maybe we'll go out with a bang and earn another title or two. I'll miss you all for the time being. Stay in touch, keep smiling, and enjoy this April Fools Day!

Edit: Yes, this is a joke =]


  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that! The good thing about your situation is that Philip is young and not going anywhere! You can always pick it up again when your situation changes. I know what you mean! I've been holding off on training classes with Theo because my job was hanging in the balance for so long. I hope you're able to work things out with your new job. Congrats by the way!!!

  2. ok...I was really sad when I started reading this...Agility Adventures is one of my faves...but then the last line Happy April Fools.., so it's a joke??? I hope so, cause I will miss reading about your accomplishments, but if it is not I can totally understand how tough it is...
    hmmmm, I am wondering now...

  3. Hehe :) Yes, it was an April Fools joke, thought I'd have a little fun with you guys. Thanks for the kind thought, and no worries - we are still here, and I am so glad you are enjoying it! New pictures coming up in a just bit :)