Thursday, April 1, 2010

Picture Time!

First, in case you didn't get the hint at the end of my "farewell" post, that was an April Fools joke :) So don't worry, we are still going bonkers over Agility here, I think I'd sooner move to a cheaper apartment than take away the Agility fun from Philip and myself.

Now back to this post. Last weekend my mom came along to watch us run the trial, so I handed her the camera, and asked to try and get a couple of shots of Philip. So here are her creations:

on the dog walk

fuzzy butt!

running at super speed

end of teeter

weave poles

resting in his comfy spot in the back of the car


  1. Great fave is the fuzzy butt one though :-)...and yay for April Fools joke :-)

  2. Awww he looks so happy doing agility! :)

  3. Philip looks like he's a natural at it :)

    Love the running at super speed picture.

  4. Ha ha...yes, fuzzy butt is a great one! Who's the knockout in the red tanktop?

  5. Thanks all! Hopefully I'll be able to get more shots of Philip in the future - gotta find camera friendly people willing to take some, heh.