Monday, April 12, 2010

New Class

Today Philip and I moved to a new Agility class. Not at a different place or anything, just a higher level than before. As a matter of fact, we have now moved to the highest level of class that is offered by our instructor! Wow, to think that just a year ago we were struggling in learning the very basics of Agility, and now here we are - just back from our first super advanced class.

The class was pretty difficult compared to what we are used to, but it was super fun. We got to run two courses - one standard, and one jumpers. The standard course had several tricky turns, but it was doable. Philip only messed up the weave poles entry on the whole course, and it was a good warm up. The jumpers course was basically a killer though! It's not that it was overly difficult, but it was long, and I had to run. Boy, did I have to run - I was still out of breath in my car on the way home! There were a couple of stretches that were just straight, and Philip has really gotten fast apparently because I just could not keep up with him.

We also got to practice an evil tunnel entry where I had to be on the outside. I think I've mentioned before that Philip thinks that what ever side I'm on is the inside, so even if I'm way off to the left of both ends of the tunnel, he tends to go to the right end. I knew this wouldn't be an exception, but the way the course was set up, a cross would be hard and counter productive to do, so the instructor said I might as well practice the proper way. First time through Philip took off to the wrong end like I expected, so we went back to fix it. This time I used his name much earlier to get his attention, and we did it right - yay!

Overall, I was pretty happy with our performance considering the difficulty of the courses. This class will definitely be tough at first, but we love challenges, so I'm looking forward to it :)

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